January 19, 2011

We've moved....

(kindof awhile ago)
But I thought I'd finally log in and say Hi
and also let you know
 where to find our new blog and shop

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

December 17, 2009


(This is a me circa 1987)
Christmas is almost here....
and yet I have so many things to do still. This year we decided to start a few new traditions inside just our little family. I have so many memories and traditions I made with my mom (we still do them all) and now I want to have a few I do just with my family.

Although I am sad Christmas is almost over, I have to say that I am also very excited to bring in the new year.
2010 has so many new things to offer and I love the idea of fresh starts.

Things I'm looking forward to in 2010:

-Becoming Jesse's wife (ha! I'll have to get use to saying that soon). I loooove him so much! It's crazy how we found each other and how perfect we mesh together. We have the same outlook on life and common goals in life. He is my perfect partner in crime and all I want to do is make him happy and he wants to just make me happy. Ok Ok enough sappy shish but it's true.
I love you Jesse, thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much:)
even though you steal my pb&j sandwiches.

- Plan a wedding!! I can't wait to start planning "officially". I want fun, affordable, handmade and non-stressful. We've got so many ideas!

-Planning the best road trip to all our favorite states. While also stopping at every antique, thrift and record store insight.

-Re-decorating our home room by room. This is something I always put on the bottom of the list but I really want to get it done and soon at that. I am most excited about all the ideas I have for Santino's room!

-This year I am going to start shopping locally a lot more. We already do but there is alot of ways we could help out more in. Goodbye Starbucks! Here is a really inspiring article on helping out small businesses by just shopping locally. Check out the Phoenix Public Market Grocery Store if you live in AZ, it's great.

-Re-launching our store with a whole new name and look:)))

-And after reading, watching and researching all about food and what we put in our bodies. It's safe to say, I was grossed out and plan to change some stuff. For starters, watch this NY commercial if you want to stop drinking soda. I seriously had a glimpse of this while taking a sip of my orange crush the other night. Eeew! I'm done.

-Then I have a few really important personal and business goals I don't want to share yet so I don't jinx it but are excited about all the same.

It's really refreshing and good for my mind to set up goals and expectations for myself. I function best like this and always work better when I plan it out.

This past year wasn't the best, alot of happy and sad things happened and I feel like I learned and grew a lot as a person but I think the new year will be a lot better for everyone.... I hope so!!

Ok, well now I must get back to working before we have to pick up the little guy at school. Today was Polar Express day and everyone had to wear their Pj's. He looked so cute.

Bye Lovelies,

December 11, 2009

Let's Make and Bake!

How cute is this little cupcake ornament. Make your very own following Amanda's tutorial here at the Bake it Pretty Blog. It's easy, fun and cheap to make. I think I'm going to make a few this weekend.

Turn your traditional white butter cream green with a couple drops of food coloring. Then pile it on in the form of a Christmas tree, now just add sprinkles.

Cupcake garland!! I love this idea. I've tried this before using cupcake liners to make flowers but garland is a great idea. Follow this tutorial and make your very own using all those left over liners. Try it in holiday colors or a classic white and silver.

Green and Red Macaroons. I'm going to try and make macaroons for the first time this year. Wish me luck!

I love Anthropologie's winter window display with all the paper chain links. They make great decorations for any holiday and are fun and easy to make.
Film in the Fridge used fabric instead of paper and it turned out so cute. Good idea for all those fabric scraps we have laying around. I'd like to make a vintage fabric chain to keep up after the holidays.

We are making snow globes for sure this winter. This is always one of the projects that always gets passed up. But no more:)

And lastly Truffles. My mom make some of the best truffles and fudge.
Here's my favorite cooking blog and a BUNCH of great holiday recipes.

Also, If you are interested in holiday card exchanging, email me at
onjoli84(at)yahoo(dot)com  and we'll exchange info.
If you've already sent it to me, no need to send it again. I'm mailing them out this next week:)
Have a fun and warm weekend!

December 3, 2009

A mini tour of our little shop...

Right now the shop is still Pink de Ville, we decided to re- launch our shop after the new year and just focus on the holidays. We've been working and working creating all new product for the new shop and I'm can't wait till I get to show everyone. But not until it's all done (that's the point of a re-launch right:) Although, since I can't keep secrets for too long, I might do some sneak peeks.
In the mean time, here's some photos of Pink De Ville.


Sorry for the poor quality photos. I didn't post a bunch of individual photos because the lighting isn't the best lighting for taking pictures inside of Pink House and I HAD to use a flash on some. So editing was not really making them look any better.

I hope everyone's day is going swell. My little guy came home sick from school today, so half my day was spent watching bugs bunny and making chicken noodle soup (with no celery please:) And the first thing he wanted to do was call his grandma and tell her he was sick. Every time Santino gets even a little bit sick, my mom makes him a care package with ice packs, lollipops for your throat, snacks, color books and tino looooves it. Who wouldn't!
Ok, no more procrastinating I am going to work now.

December 2, 2009

December is already here!!

Our main Christmas tree is finally up!!!

We finished putting our tree up on Sunday, it took a couple hours just to fluff it.
We put it by the window so you can see it from the outside at night.
In our neighborhood, everyone has their window open with their tree just glowing so you can see when you drive by. It's so pretty. I love December.
Now I need to get my other decorations up and find a good spot for our stockings, wreath and our advent calendar.

These are our two new favorite ornaments

This tree is on the ledge between the family room and music room. It's so cute because it's frosted pink!!

We call this our night light tree.
It's right outside our bedroom and makes the upstairs feel all warm and cozy.
I think I'm going to make this tree our handmade tree and put all our handmade ornaments and garland on it.
Santino has seriously painted like a gazillion of those wooden Christmas ornaments, so I'll put them all on this tree.
Today we put up the outside lights on the house, next up is the bushes and trees. I'll post more photos once it's done.

So this week we went down to Frances and Smeeks
and did a little stocking stuffers shopping
A Candyland entrance. Eee! I love it

Smeeks is an adorable candy shop that sells some of the cutest stuff I've seen in a while. Candy galore but will also leave you feeling nostalgic with all of the retro goodies they offer. Like lunch boxes, mushroom shaped erasers and my favorite was a ring with a tiny glass plate made for your finger foods while at a party.
So Cute!

Here's the loot I left with and the packaging is also cute. If it has gnomes on it I seriously can't not like it. I have too:)

Here is a sneak peek of some new stuff at the shop for the holidays.
Guardian Gnome Magnets

Sleepy owl plushie's

Tomorrow I'll post lots of pictures of the shop so you can see the new set-up.
But for now I must stitch and glue


November 27, 2009

the friday after

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great. Ours went really well, we had dinner at my moms, my sister and I helped my mom and it turned out really good. I forgot my camera (when don't I!), so I didn't take any photos.
(the dog on the right reminds me of miabelle so much)

Then I came home around 7:30pm and we fell asleep (crazy because I neeeever do this). I had to reschedule my "UP" movie date with Tino, luckily I bribed him with dessert and he agreed. Jesse and myself hadn't slept at all and we were so very tired. Wednesday night, we went down to the shop to put up a tree and some shelves and add new stuff. Well a little project turned into a long project and we landed up going home at 8am the next day. The shop is all changed up for the holidays and looks refreshed, I love it. Crazy to think that everything in the shop was handmade by us.
There was no time to sleep though when we got home, I still hadn't even went to the grocery store. So we were kind of like zombies all day, slurring our words and falling asleep every chance we got. You know the kind of sleep where your head keeps nodding off (very funny to watch). But now the shop is cute and ready for Christmas time and that makes it worth it.

Tonight is Downtown Glendale's lights ceremony and holiday festival, so I will be at the shop talking with all the customers and drinking coco. Also, Come back buddy is playing there tonight!

So since I was not all here yesterday I thought I'd do my things I'm thankful for today: santino and his big heart, a perfect partner in crime, a hardworking and beautiful mom, the best grandpa any girlie can have, my twin sister (not really but it seems like it), forts, coffee and books, all the rest of my family and friends and all of our health, my creative and whimsical job worth it even if I work 70+ hours a week and lastly but not least, all of my lovely, clever and creative blog friends that come here and read everyday and inspire me all the time. You guys are too sweet!

Ok now I'm off to Hobby Lobby to check out some sales and look for a christmas tree.
 I have a DIY tutorial coming in a few days so lookout for it:)
So excited Christmas is coming!
Bye Lovelies

November 25, 2009

La Segunda

Meet my new ladybot.
We have decided to collect a robot family
We have the mamabot now we need the papabot and the boybot:)
I wonder if I can find robot dogs, hmmm.

This week was full of good vintage finds
-cutest keebler recipe box
-a couple pretty mugs with matching saucers (always a plus)
-Daisy tray

-Vinyl table cloth
-3 graph paper journals
-some more records (Johnny Cash Greatest Hits is a repeat buy we couldn't leave it behind though)
-tons of embroidery hoops, like 5
-Jesse found 4 vintage ashtrays to add to his collection (the glass one on the left I've saw on That 70's Show:)
Funny thing is I don't smoke and Jesse only occasionally smokes but we have a pretty nice ashtray collection. Ha!
I'd say we have a few running collections right now
-Vintage Radios
-Vintage toys
-well and of course records
 our 45 collection has grown a lot the past few years

I'd like to start collecting
-Vintage Pyrex (I only have a few right now)
Another post later tonight..
Bye lovelies

November 19, 2009

No sleep till January!!

"Oh my God. He just ordered a giant glass of milk"

Anyone else feel like there is a gazillion things to get done??
Being that this time of year is any crafty gals busiest time, getting ready for events, updating our shops, photo shoots, editing, sample making and lets not forget all the handmade presents we all want to make and all the handmade christmas decoration ideas we have in mind to fill our houses up with... Ooh and the baking and the fort building and the gift swaps and the post office lines......pheeeew!
I think a little movie time while making stuff will do me good.
It's busy but I looove what I do, although sometimes I want to leave my sewing machine out in the street so someone can "steal" it.
I'm kidding, I love her.
So, Which shall I watch?

Ghost World

High Fidelity

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Pretty in Pink

November 17, 2009

Tuesday Wedding Inspiration

Every Tuesday I'm going to post some wedding photos/ideas that inspire me while planning our wedding (or maybe just really cute photos).
So far these are the things we have decided on
-our wedding party
-our wedding theme
-our wedding month (not a specific date yet)
We are definitely not formal and flashy. So a fun, laided back and not over the top wedding is perfect for us. Next big thing is finding the location!

Have a lovely Tuesday!
Bye lovelies